Property Line Maps - Online, JPG and Print

We produce online maps that show your property lines
Find property lines on aerials and topographic maps
Get approximate GPS coordinates, JPGs and prints

"You did a couple of maps for us last year and they have been wonderful! They have come in so handy in determining where we are on our land. Now our son has just purchased land and I want to get him a map too." Carla in Maryland

New PDF download:
How to find property lines with a smartphone GPS

From city lots to 1,000s of acres. From surveys to sections. For ranches, farms, hunting land, mining claims, weekend vacation property and homes. We can map your land. Check out the examples page to see some of the online maps we have produced to help our clients find property lines.

We can help you find approximate property lines and property corners by producing the most accurate GPS coordinates possible without hiring a surveyor. We do this by taking the information you supply and combining it with any online research we might do. That data is then processed by our own unique first-of-its-kind proprietary software.

Our goal is to produce GPS coordinates that are within 30 feet of accurate on average. These coordinates are only intended to be close to your property corners and are not intended to authoritatively locate your corners.

Need to locate 'lost' survey markers? The online Google map and GPS coordinates we produce tell you where to look.

Selling property? Show buyers what you are selling with a Google map that shows the approximate property boundaries on the aerial and topographic maps.

Buying property? Zoom in on the aerial and high resolution topographic map and see what you are getting.

Hunting? Use our GPS coordinates to locate approximate property lines and stay on your side.
Free bonus! See contour lines on top of the Google aerial.

 For one piece of land $39.98 buys:

1. Online map link. Click the link we send you and see the approximate property lines on the Google aerial and on a high resolution topographic map. This map link works on desktops, iPads and most smartphones and other mobile devices.

The online maps use our exclusive "map-in-a-link" technology. You do not need to bother with any kind of data file in order to use your online map!

2. GPX file with coordinates. Use this to load the approximate corner coordinates into a handheld GPS.

Do you own more than one piece of land? Please see our pricing guidelines.

Have questions? Wondering what map-in-a-link means? Please read our FAQ.

Need a large print? We partner with the MyTopo Company which specializes in making custom aerial and topographic prints from 18" x 24" to 5 ft x 8 ft. Please see our print page for more information.