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These online public land maps show approximate boundary lines and recreation features for many types of public land. The data for these maps comes straight from GIS (geographic information system) servers that are operated by various federal, state and local agencies. Use these maps to find places for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, horse riding, mountain biking, ATV riding, skiing, snowmobiling and any other outside activity.

Some of these maps also show private land that is open to some types of public recreation.

You can click on most GIS symbols and see a popup that shows all the attribute data that the GIS server has for the thing that you clicked. Sometimes those attributes will include links that lead to more information.

A few GIS layers do not presently display attribute data. It depends on how the GIS server is configured. Additional coding is underway for those layers.

Note: If more than one GIS overlay layer is 'on' then you can only see attribute data for the 'top' layer. To see which is the 'top' layer, click the button in the corner of the map that always shows the name of the current basemap and then look at the "Overlay" dropdown menu. Mobile users will need to open the basemap menu and then scroll down to the Overlay section. The highest numbered overlay layer is 'on top'.

The maps are displayed by Gmap4 which is a general purpose enhanced Google map viewer. There is nothing to download, nothing to install. Simply click a map link and Gmap4 will start in your browser and display the map. Gmap4 works in most browsers on most devices from cell phones to desktops. Every map gives you access to all the features that are part of Gmap4 including:

Here is a 'Help' page that shows you how to locate data on a GIS server that Gmap4 can display and how to build a Gmap4 link to display that data.

Many state and federal agencies produce data about public lands and recreation opportunities. Today's standard practice is to save that data on GIS servers. The goal of this project is to make a vast amount of that GIS data related to public land and recreation easily accessible by anyone. On a PC you will see the familiar mouse-oriented Google map interface. On a cell phone, tablet or other mobile device you will automatically see a touch-friendly interface. You can easily turn multiple GIS layers on/off and restack the layers.

Want to use the GPS in your cell phone or tablet to see your geolocation on the map? Simply touch Menu ==> "My location" and the map will center at your position. This mobile geolocate feature can help you when knowing your location on the map is important.

These public land maps also have some ability to work offline on mobile devices. You will need to read the following "Tips" to learn the secret for displaying these maps offline. These "Tips" will also quickly show you other cool Gmap4 features that you can use to get the most out of the public land GIS data.

Tips for using Gmap4 to view these public land maps

Q: Can I use Gmap4 to make my own custom GIS map?
A: Yes. Please read the above 'Tips' to learn how to make a text file that specifies the GIS data you want to see on your custom map.

Common sense reminder: Respect private property! Many of these online public land maps show boundary lines. Those property lines could easily be off a bit from the true edge of the public land. Also if you are using any kind of GPS there might be 50 feet of error or more(!) in the location your GPS is providing.

This project started in October 2014 and the goal is to keep adding more public land maps showing GIS data for additional states.

Do you know of any GIS 'endpoints' (ArcGIS or WMS) with data similar to what you see on these maps? Data that is available in this manner might be called "map service", "REST service", "web service" or something similar. If so, please send us an email so we can produce map links to display that public land GIS data.

Please report broken maps. These maps use standard internet links to obtain the GIS data that you see on the map. If the server administrator changes the internet address for the GIS server, then any maps that use the old address will stop working. We cannot fix it if we don't know that it is broken. If you see a map that is really not working (some servers are slow) then please send us an email so we can try to get it fixed.

The map legends are important. Sometimes a GIS layer has a single obvious symbol, like for a boat launch. Other times a single GIS layer might display many different symbols and/or colors on the map. You can quickly understand the story such a layer is telling you by clicking the "About this map" link in the upper left corner of the map and looking at the map legends.

Links to Online Public Land and Recreation Maps

USA National Maps

USA Rain and Flood Map

National Forest Recreation Map

Section Township Range Map Click the "About this map" link to learn how to search

National Grassland Recreation Map

National Scenic Trail Maps

National Historic Trail Maps

NOAA Nautical Charts and more

Wildland Fires version 3 with "Fire weather forecast" overlay and more

Hurricane Map

FEMA Shelter Map    Open shelter layer (if any) is 'on'

Earthquakes and Faults Map

USA National Park Maps

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon    Picnic area layer is 'on'

Glacier National Park, Montana    Visitor use layer is 'on'

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming    Point of interest layer is 'on'

USA State and District of Columbia Maps

California    Includes a groundwater map







New York






     King County WA (County seat = Seattle)


District of Columbia    Added June 10, 2015

Canada Maps

Alberta Wildland Fire Map

British Columbia Wildland Fire Map