Property Line Maps - Works online and offline on your cell phone

Our property line maps work with your cell phone
See your geolocation and property lines on aerials
Get approximate GPS coordinates for property corners
Works on your cell phone online and offline

"I was able to locate and walk to 2 of the corner markers on these lots yesterday (C3 and C35), thanks to your data! I haven't been able to locate C3 for many years."
Peter in New Hampshire, 49 acres

Excellent work and extraordinarily fast delivery. Very easy to use as you said.
Phillip in New Mexico, mining claim
Aerial map property lines

From city lots to 1,000s of acres. From surveys to sections. For ranches, farms, hunting land, mining claims, weekend vacation property and homes. We can map your land. Check out the examples page to see some of the property line maps we have produced to help our clients.

We can help you find approximate property lines and corners and by producing the most accurate GPS coordinates possible without hiring a surveyor. We do this by taking the information you supply and combining it with any online research we might do. That data is then processed by our own unique first-of-its-kind proprietary software.

The custom maps we produce are based on your legal description or survey and are more accurate than the county parcel line data that you can see with apps from LandGlide, Regrid, onX and others. To learn more about problems with county parcel line data and see examples, please read the FAQ.

Our maps work on both iOS and Android devices. They also work on land where there is good cell service or spotty cell service or no cell service at all.
Aerial property lines
Most single pieces of land $74.98

Want to always see your location as you walk around your land?
On your cell phone touch Menu ==> My location. The map will center at your position and the geolocation symbol will follow you just like a dedicated GPS. Simply walk until that symbol is over one of your corner symbols.

Need to locate 'lost' survey markers? The GPS coordinates we produce tell you where to look.

Buying Acreage? This service will help you understand what you are getting.

Hunting? Use our service to stay on land where you have the right to hunt.

Have questions? Please read our FAQ.